Games Development/Unity

Unity Language Constructs

  • Differentiate Unity services
  • Differentiate video game production practices
  • Distinguish console hardware
  • Distinguish production talent roles and responsibilities
  • Distinguish video game design elements
  • Distinguish video game genres
  • Distinguish video game production practices
  • Distinguish video game types
  • Examine Unity services
  • Explain Unity services
  • Identify production phases by criteria
  • Identify video game production practices
  • Implement Unity services
  • Know video game controls
  • Know video game design principles
  • Know video game industry terms
  • Recognize Unity services
  • Summarize Unity services
  • Understand model asset optimization
  • Understand the Unity Asset Store
  • Understand video game art principles
  • Understand video game industry practices
  • Understand video game industry terminology

Exploring the Unity User Interface

  • Distinguish the Hierarchy Window
  • Distinguish Unity editors
  • Distinguish Unity views
  • Distinguish Unity windows
  • Know the Project View Window
  • Manage Scene files
  • Navigate the Scene View Window
  • Reorganize the Unity interface
  • Understand Tags
  • Understand the Hierarchy Window
  • Understand the Inspector Window
  • Understand the Project View Window
  • Utilize the Inspector Window

Using Game Objects and Assets

  • Define Prefabs
  • Differentiate GameObjects
  • Distinguish components
  • Distinguish Models
  • Examine GameObject components
  • Identify GameObjects
  • Know the Project View Window
  • Manage GameObjects
  • Manage Prefabs
  • Understand GameObject components
  • Understand the Project View Window
  • Utilize Models
  • Utilize the Hierarchy Window
  • Utilize the Toolbar

Managing Projects and Assets

  • Distinguish Models
  • Distinguish Unity views
  • Implement project management settings
  • Organize Unity game projects
  • Understand project management features
  • Understand the Project View Window

Preparing Assets for Implementation

  • Create materials
  • Create textures
  • Evaluate materials and effects
  • Examine material and lighting features
  • Know materials and effects
  • Know model import and export best practices
  • Know modeling best practices
  • Manage materials
  • Manage textures
  • Optimize textures
  • Refine material properties
  • Understand animation best practices
  • Understand material and texturing best practices

Assembling the Game Level

  • Distinguish properties
  • Distinguish Rigidbody properties
  • Examine forces on Rigidbody
  • Integrate colliders
  • Know colliders
  • Know Rigidbodies
  • Manipulate colliders
  • Understand Rigidbodies
  • Utilize the Hierarchy Window

Lighting in Games

  • Analyze lighting tools and processes
  • Distinguish light types
  • Examine lighting situtations
  • Know lighting tools and processes
  • Understand lighting tools and processes
  • Understand UI components
  • Understand video game art principles
  • Utilize the Sprite Editor

Baking Lighting in Game Production

  • Distinguish light types
  • Examine lighting situtations
  • Examine lighting tools and processes
  • Know lighting tools and processes
  • Understand lighting tools and processes

Animating Game Objects in the Unity Editor

  • Animate game objects
  • Distinguish character animation options
  • Manage animation settings
  • Refine the animation of game objects
  • Understand character animation processes

Bringing Animations into the Game

  • Assess Animator Controllers
  • Examine Animation Types
  • Examine States
  • Examine Transitions
  • Know States
  • Manage Animator Controllers
  • Understand Transitions
  • Utilize States
  • Utilize the Animator Window
  • Utilize Transitions

Scripting in Game Development

  • Assess program code
  • Distinguish programming terms
  • Distinguish variables in code
  • Examine program code
  • Examine raycasts within a scene
  • Execute programming tasks
  • Identify script types
  • Understand layers
  • Understand programming terms
  • Understand raycast parameters
  • Understand raycasts

Implementing Navigation and Pathfinding

  • Understand a NavMesh
  • Understand a NavMesh baking
  • Understand Max Slope
  • Understand obstacle avoidance

Building the Player and Allies

  • Create allies
  • Create players
  • Implement a game manager
  • Implement a player controller
  • Manage cameras

Building the Enemies

  • Create enemies
  • Design enemy behaviors
  • Evaluate enemy behaviors
  • Integrate enemies into a game
  • Manage enemies

Creating Particle Systems

  • Distinguish Image Effects
  • Distinguish particle options
  • Evaluate materials and effects
  • Produce particle effect results
  • Understand materials and effects

Adding Audio to Game Levels

  • Control Audio Properties
  • Enable Audio Properties
  • Examine Audio Properties
  • Identify Audio Clips
  • Identify Audio Effects
  • List Audio Clips
  • Manage Audio Clips
  • Understand Audio Properties

Building the Camera and Player Selection System

  • Configure cameras
  • Evaluate camera choices
  • Evaluate player behaviors
  • Examine player behaviors
  • Integrate character selections
  • Refine player settings

Designing User Interfaces for Games

  • Administer pivots and anchors
  • Demonstrate text properties
  • Distinguish button properties
  • Distinguish render modes
  • Distinguish UI components
  • Evaluate UI features
  • Examine Rect Transforms
  • Know anchor points
  • Understand button properties
  • Understand UI components


Building and Deploying the Game

  • Administer Unity Cloud Build tools
  • Build a game
  • Distinguish console hardware
  • Refine build settings
  • Understand the build process

Preparing for Mobile Deployment

  • Distinguish build platforms
  • Evaluate mobile publishing choices
  • Examine mobile publishing options
  • Manage game settings for mobile publishing
  • Understand mobile development procedures

Final Project


Practical Approach

Course Duration: 6 Months

Admission Fee: 500 Rs

Per Month Installment Fee: 3000 Rs

Diploma Fee: 500 Rs

Total Course Fee: 19000 Rs (varies with the duration)